Some people have asked us:  “Why does Connect.Me use social logins, and does Connect.Me automatically notify the people I vouch for?

First, the reason Connect.Me uses social logins such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is so we can:

  1. Import your connections on that network to make it easy to vouch for them.
  2. Give you the option to easily notify someone when you vouch for them.

Second, Connect.Me only notifies people if you click “Notify” at the bottom of the vouchbox. If you don’t want any notification to be sent, just click “Close” at the bottom of the vouchbox. (In fact, if the person you are vouching for is already a member of Connect.Me and has turned off notifications on their Connect.Me Settings page, they will not be notified even if you do send them a notification. They’ll just see the vouch the next time they log in.)

Important: even if you choose not to notify a friend about a vouch, that friend can still use your vouch to join the Connect.Me private beta. All your friend needs to do is login to Connect.Me with the social network account on which gave the vouch, e.g., if you vouched for a Twitter friend, that friend must login with that Twitter account to enter the Connect.Me private beta. Once your friend joins, they can then choose to claim all vouches they have received on all the social network accounts they have by connecting those social networks.

The reason that we are so diligent about this is because Connect.Me is based on full user control, as detailed in the Respect Trust Framework — this is the reason Connect.Me received the Privacy Award at the European Identity Conference in May 2011.

If you are passionate about user control and trust online, please consider joining our trust anchor program — details are in this blog post.