JP Rangaswami recently joined Salesforce as Chief Scientist after holding the same position at BT. He just published a powerful rationale for the vision of The Social Enterprise that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff evangelized at the recently concluded Dreamforce conference (with 45,000 attendees, now the world’s largest enterprise tech conference).

Key quotes from JP’s post:


I think Marc Benioff’s vision for the Social Enterprise is about more than just enterprise software, it is about changing the way customers deal with companies. Transforming it. Irrevocably.


The Social Enterprise, as Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts stated during the conference, is not optional. “You have to do this. You have to be social. Otherwise I don’t know what your business model is in five years”.


The Social Enterprise vision is about rebuilding markets the way customers would build them in the first place.

In short, the center of The Social Enterprise is…The Social Customer. Which is what Doc Searls and many other supporters of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) have been saying for the last 5 years.

And enabling The Social Customer is the essence of what Connect.Me is about. “I, the Social Customer, want to be connected to whom I want, when I want, how I want. Give me that opportunity and I’ll take responsiblity for my Social Customer reputation.”

(Speaking of The Social Customer, another blog we highly recommend is Chris Carfi’s The Social Customer Manifesto. Read it and you’ll see why Chris is one of our key advisors.)