UPDATE Monday 2011-08-22: The voting period is now over – thanks to everyone who voted.

UPDATE Friday 2011-08-19: We just posted our What is Connect.Me video for Sibos. If you like it, please vote before midnight Pacific Time on Sunday.

Short form of this post: We’ve entered the Innotribe $100K Startup Challenge at Sibos. A vote for Connect.Me is a vote for the Respect Trust Framework.

Click here to vote now – just look for the Connect.Me logo.


The rest of the story: After the Respect Trust Framework won the Privacy Award at the European Identity Conference in May even though Connect.Me had not launched yet (we’re just beginning our private beta this month), it turned some heads in the industry. We began receiving inquiries about this innovative new approach to privacy and trust online.

One of them was from SWIFT, the Belgian cooperative that operates the international banking interchange network for over 9000 banks and financial institutions – the network the banks themselves use to exchange money. The innovation division of SWIFT, Innotribe, invited Connect.Me’s Drummond Reed and trust framework counsel Scott David to speak at Sibos, the annual conference SWIFT puts on for the worldwide banking industry, this year in Toronto Sept 19-22.


Two weeks ago Innotribe invited Connect.Me to participate in the first-ever Innotribe $100K Startup Challenge at Sibos. Over 90 companies have submitted applications to have the opportunity to be one of 10 companies selected to present to financial industry executives, VCs, and press at Sibos. Each company must address the question, “How can your innovation bring value to SWIFT, its member institutions and/or their customers?”

Connect.Me’s answer is simple: if the SWIFT trusted exchange network moves from a closed to an open model, where it becomes available to any size and type of business as well as to individuals (something the Innotribe digital identity team is now studying very closely), then it is a perfect match for Connect.Me social vouching and the Respect Trust Framework.

The banking network meets the personal network. A match made in heaven.

Today is the first day of voting, which is open to the public. Although Connect.Me is still in the very first phase of our private beta, the foundation upon which we are building is the rock-solid commitment to the ethical use of personal data that we made in May with the launch of the Respect Trust Framework.

So we’d like to ask for your vote. And if you feel strongly that the future of the Internet should be based on the five core principles of the Respect Trust Framework – a promise of permission, protection, portability, and proof – please ask your friends and colleagues to vote too.

Thank you.