Members of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) Startup Circle along with Executive Director Kaliya Hamlin are attending the World Economic Forum meeting on Rethinking Personal Data today in Vienna. The Startup Circle is the initial group of companies who have come together around a shared commitment to control over personal data. A key goal of the Consortium is to bring together the architects and builders of the emerging personal data ecosystem to ensure that it results in an interoperable system that gives individuals control over what the World Economic Forum refers to as “a new asset class“.

“Connect.Me is deeply committed to the development of a personal data ecosystem and we are a big supporter of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium,” said Connect.Me co-founder and CEO Joe Johnston. “Connect.Me is energized to be a founding member of the PDEC Startup Circle, and we look forward to working with the other Startup Circle companies and other PDEC supporters to provide the network services that will be critical to interoperability.”

Connect.Me made a key contribution to the ecosystem with its announcement last month of publishing the Respect Trust Framework with Open Identity Exchange (OIX). This work was honored with the Privacy Award at the European Identity Conference in Munich on May 10. “Individual control over personal data must have a solid legal foundation, and that’s the purpose of the Respect Trust Framework,” said Connect.Me co-founder and chairman Drummond Reed. “It will be the basis for all of Connect.Me’s peer-to-peer vouching and personal data sharing services, and we believe it can serve as a broadly interoperable legal model for personal data sharing.”

Mr. Reed gives particular credit for the Respect Trust Framework model to Scott David of K&L Gates, it principal legal architect. “Scott included an analysis of 16 different Fair Information Practices Principles (FIPPs) from different jurisdictions around the world, and mapped them all to the five core principles of the Respect Trust Framework,” said Mr. Reed. “This groundbreaking analysis shows we can find common legal ground globally for the fair and ethical exchange of personal data under personal control.”

PDEC will serve as the first industry association devoted exclusively to the emergence of a personal data ecosystem and the new economic opportunity it offers. It will offer its members news; industry research, intelligence and analysis; and channels for technical conversations including meetings and conferences. For more information see the PDEC FAQ.