Thank you for your interest in Connect.Me. We’re excited to start unveilling what we’ve been building.

With the May conference schedule (IIWEICPII) behind us, we’re now racing ahead towards the upcoming private beta launch of Connect.Me.

Connect.Me is all about bringing context and reputation to your social world.

To get started with context, we launched a simple Twitter tagging web app for you – our early adopters – to identify people and contexts that are important to you.

The tags are being used to seed our initial community platform, launching soon in private beta. Tagging is also a fun way to let people know you respect them on Twitter.

In order to make tags meaningful, we currently require you to tweet in order to tag someone. This provides a bit of social currency to prevent negative tags while creating contexts our users actually care about.

See if you’ve been tagged.


Can I remove a tag?

Yes. Just contact us on our feedback site and we’ll remove the tag for you from the tagging web app. When the Connect.Me community platform launches, you’ll have full control over your contexts.

Is Connect.Me crowdsourcing personal contexts?

Yes. Every user of Connect.Me is helping develop the set of community contexts, starting with the #hashtags on the tagging web app.

If I have more questions, what’s the best way to ask?

Drop us a note on our feedback site or email us directly at info@connect.me