MUNICH, GERMANY (May 11, 2011): Connect.Me received the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference last night. Presented by Kuppinger Cole co-founders Martin Kuppinger and Tim Cole, hosts of EIC, the award was given for “delivering an Innovative new approaches to managing personal identity in the Internet”. Said Mr. Cole, “Connect.Me’s Respect Trust Framework, and their new approach to building a personal trust network by layering on top of social networks and using peer-to-peer vouching is one of the most exciting developments in Internet identity this year. We can’t wait to see what they will be back reporting here a year from now.”

The award was accepted by Drummond Reed, Connect.Me Co-Founder and Chairman. “Connect.Me is truly honored by this recognition from Kuppinger Cole for this new approach to establishing a personal data ecosystem,” said Mr. Reed. “Even though Connect.Me and the Respect Network is only at the beta stage, we deeply appreciate the wonderful reception here at EIC this week of our announcement of the Respect Trust Framework being published with Open Identity Exchange — it lays the foundation for the entire network.”

The award was shared with Qiy, the innovative new personal digital identity service based in the Netherlands. As explained in Connect.Me’s new white paper, The Personal Network, the Respect Network will be a multi-provider system that will enable interoperable services from a global network of personal data service providers such as Qiy, Mydex, Personal.com, and others.