The Connect.Me team (or rather, those not coding their hearts out) spent this week at the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, CA. This one-of-a-kind open space event is literally where user-centric Internet identity infrastructure is being forged, with another swing of the hammer every six months for six years running.

And as always, each one is bigger, better, and more intense than the last. Particularly so for the Connect.Me team this year because we were previewing the Respect Trust Framework, from which we have been blogging about the five Principles of Personal since opening our beta signup before SXSW in March. The reception was everything we hoped for, which gives us great excitement heading into a press conference scheduled for next Tuesday at noon CEST (6AM Eastern, 3AM Pacific) at the opening of the European Identity Conference in Munich.


Of course we’ll also post the announcement here, but for up-to-the-second news that day, we recommend watching @respectconnect on Twitter.