A shout-out to Ernesto Diaz, who tweeted the first guess at the 5 Principles of Personal yesterday:

@respectconnect The Principles of Personal are Private, Particular, Profound, Powerful and Polite

All we can say so far is that it’s not the five words yet. In fact, we can’t even tell you which ones may or may not be correct, because that would make it too easy. (As we promised when we announced the Can You Guess the 5 Principles of Personal contest, we’ll announce the name of one principle each week in a blog post here, beginning tomorrow, Monday March 28. So the contest will get progressively easier each week.)

But what we can say is: Ernesto strikes a wonderful tone with all five of his words, because they speak to the core of what makes a relationship personal, no matter whether it is offline or online

Ernesto followed up with a second guess today (politely following the limit of one guess per day):

@respectconnect The Principles of Personal are Private, Particular, Purposeful, Powerful and Principled

This time we can help by giving out one clue (or perhaps just a clarification): the words Principle and Personal are not among the five words.

But again, Ernesto captures up a wonderful set of aspirations for what makes a personal network personal.