Now that we’ve put our stake in the ground that Connect.Me is safe personal networking, the question is, “What is a personal network? How is it different than a social network?”

It’s a question that could occupy an entire blog (or a whole community of them). But since we’ve been focused on this question for many months now, we’ve boiled it down to five essential elements we call the Principles of Personal.

Since we love both alliteration and game mechanics, here’s how we’re going to introduce them:

  • First, we’ll tell you up front that all five Principles of Personal have names that are a single English language word that start with the letter P.
  • Second, we promise to announce each principle via one blog post each week here in the Connect.Me blog, starting next Monday, March 28.
  • The first registered Connect.Me beta participant who tweets the names of all five Principles of Personal to @respectconnect will win: a) an iPad 2, and b) with his/her permission, a special role in the Connect.Me launch.
  • IMPORTANT: to win, your tweet MUST be in the following format: @respectconnect your-beta-invite-code The Principles of Personal are [your five words go here].


@respectconnect http://cxt.me/n62QnQ The Principles of Personal are Peter, Piper, Pickle, Pepper, and Port

Your Connect.Me beta invite code is important: for your protection and ours, it’s what proves you are signed up for the Connect.Me beta. If you don’t have one yet, sign up here, it’s free, and we won’t use your data for anything except to notify you about the beta program itself.

One final rule to keep the playing field level and avoid spamming your Twitter friends: entries are limited to one guess per day. (For you gamers out there, all the proof we need is to check whether the winning entrant submitted a guess within the previous 24 hours. If so, it will be disqualified. So, play hard, but play fair.)

Good luck. Go!